Hola VPN for Brave


Hola is a free VPN extension available in the chrome web store that works very well.

VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave

@darryltoombs Brave is a security and privacy orientated browser and I know that is becoming much of necessity across most browsers and can be construed as a cliche but I think it’s understood that the team won’t do anything intentional to jeopardize that, so you’re your suggestion of Hola was excluded upon my fervent request because they were seriously damaging the fundamental principals behind modern encrypted VPN/Proxy solutions which was disclosed by established security auditors and they quite blatantly admitted their negligence and pathetically didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with their position.

However, I have recommenced a dozen or so other similar browser orientated solutions that take the security of their service more seriously and privacy of their users more stringently.


Hola is a bad vpn because they sell ur unused bandwidth for use by others which is a security concern


I wasn’t aware of that, thanks


I listed some other excellent solutions in the link provided above; just scroll to the top using the light-blue scroll to the right once you click on the link.


Thanks for the info, have installed Windscribe and very happy with it.


Did you uninstall Hola upon the information here (or searched online about what they did and continue to do) and then install Windscribe because it’s the first one you saw?

I mention this because clicking on the link jumps all the way down; I wonder if users read the part of how it would be best for such technologies to be a better integrated within the browser itself and not just a simple fork/transfer of data with minor enhancements.

I’m sorry for annoying you but I’m hoping members of the team pick up on this and other users in general should understand that there are excellent engineers on both sides of this browser space that have similar principals on security and user privacy.
Don’t just fork them one by one, firstly because it would be rather unfair as one extension/application will get more attention over several others initially and secondly, there have been a couple of technological advancements and a couple of detrimental issues relating to industries and gov constantly trying to illegal pry where they shouldn’t - I honestly believe you should use both these aspects to your advantage by corresponding with such solutions, which is contrary to what the other major browser would do.


I used the information that I got on here as well as some research I did on my own then decided to uninstall Hola. I looked at all of the VPN’s that came up and chose Windscribe as it seemed to provide everything I wanted and it wasn’t a knee jerk choice. It would be nice if it was available extension but that is something for you and others to decide and I know that there are numerous other requests for extensions you have to sift through. So far my Brave experience has been very good with only a few minor hiccups but nothing major so well done. I know that there are already extension requests for what I am going to add on here but whilst I was writing one other thing came to mind and I just added it here…a translator extension would be nice, don’t have any preference at all, have been using Google translate in Chrome but anything will be good. Keep up the awesome work and thanks again from this Brave convert :grinning:


A form of translation has already been requested numerous times. It’s obviously something quite important which they’ll be working on soon considering all their efforts reaching the milestones, which I have to say is excellent seeing how efficiently they get through it. I suppose that’s what you get when you hoard a small group of professionals and experts together.


We’ve been using the Hole Vpn Brave have you been able to reset the Vpn For Brave? I’m trying the same but couldn’t get a way around. @Bandwidth is there any guide on reconfiguring it manually any help will be appreciated : )



I also find Windscribe to be a great VPN. The monthly allowance is extremely generous compared to other trustworthy VPNs.