Hoerrendous startup (very high CPU usage)



Where I downloaded Brave from: your website (brave.com)

When I downloaded Brave: yesterday (8/11/2017)

When I installed Brave: day of download

Version of my OS: Windows 10 (32-bit)

What I didn’t like while downloading Brave: I was shoved 32-bit version (probably because my 32-bit system had been detected by the website) but I couldn’t opt for 64-bit version (to later copy to and install on my 64-bit PC)

What I didn’t like about installation itself: it didn’t ask me what folder Brave should be installed in and went for whatever folder it chose without my consent; it created a shortcut on the desktop without my consent

Now, most important stuff:
After starting (if you can call it so) Brave, my system hanged for several minutes because CPU usage jumped to 100%. When Brave finally opened, it was entering “hang-mode” every time any of its window’s buttons and menus were clicked. So I decided to take a look at what’s going on with Brave.exe in the Task Manager after closing Brave and “starting” it again. I noticed two Brave.exe processes at the same time, but only one of them was consuming the CPU excessively. It was Brave.exe which didn’t have any command line parameters passed to it (the second Brave.exe process, that was easy on CPU, had a long line of arguments passed to it something to do with 3d and gpu as Task Manager’s “Command Line” column showed). After few minutes the CPU became stable but now 10(!) Brave.exe processes appeared in Task Manager (which is a ridiculous fact in its own right).

You, guys, need to fix this horrible startup ASAP. If you need more thorough information, ask.


You can visit github link to download the version that you want but since your Windows is 32bit it offers to download 32bit. Its the same behavior for all downloads…
You can download 64 bit if you click on the option shown below the download

Current installation is on the roaming profile on Windows. There is an issue logged for custom installation path and can be tracked here

For improving startup time we have an issue logged and can be tracked here

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