HISTORY page feels like a headache

I’m a guy who rather shows himself a few pages every time I open up the browser, instead of saving those to “work with” later. Work can mean: leave a comment there, buy that, learn that, so on. Things that I want to do in a mater of time, and I want to show it into my face every time I re-open the browser, instead of checking the bookmarks to “what things I wanted to be done”. It works better for me, and I like it even if it could look like nonsense.
I love Brave ever since I heard from it, AND I COULD use Brave like this, until a few weeks prob? Or maybe I just realize my real issue here.
So sometimes I open a new window, to have a complete separate sphere, and as well that I don’t want to look at the others or search between the bars. Like open my Raspberry to work with, and check information, but like to play as well. In that case, if I’m playing but want to check on something on the other monitor, I’m closing the browser window that has all the pages for browsing, cause I don’t want to browse, and to get some performance, closing those like: 20-30 or even 50 pages.
I did not had any problem, if I closed that one window lastly, cause I could just check the History, and XY pages TOGETHER, was there. Well, if you may open a few pages after, so that XY pages would disappear from the History MENU, than I could (I think) re-open ALL THOSE PAGES.
Now just take a look at the history guys, WTF? I cannot reopen 40 pages together, cause its only in the menu, for that 5 LASTLY VISITED PAGE, and opening the history, shows them all (I think it had them together before…) SEPARATELY, well, apart from the time that clearly shows, that a few pages had been opened together.
OHH nice than I will just click on those and that’s it, right? Well, first…
-You need to click those freaking pages one-by-one, no option to select all or a day or a specific time OR anything. One by one, cause you want to click 53 times when you could just click once, obviously.
-Even if you click on those one-by-one, you will kill yourself after you realize that (AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, prove me I’m wrong, I will be freaking happy) the only option that Brave gives you with the SELECTED HISTORY’S PAGES is: Delete…
OK… seriously? Or I’m missing an option in history, massively?