History not saving on Brave 0.16.9 on Linux Mint 17.3



Good day!

I’ve noticed a problem with history on Brave 0.16.9 on Linux Mint 17.3. I checked the forums and Github to see if there were previous issues but didn’t see any related to this.

If I open a new tab go Brave.com, close the tab (not the entire browser), then go to my address bar and type in “br” it will begin autofilling “Brave.com” When I close the browser and re-open it, this history is not retained.

While testing this, I also noticed nothing shows up in history (about:history from the address bar) as I open sites.

I have Brave setup to retain all history and not erase my history on exit.

What I found interesting is Brave is configured to reopen all of my tabs when I close the browser. It remembers all of my tabs and opens them automatically. These sites are available as you type in the address bar, but none of these sites are showing up in About:history. (Of course, this may be separate functionality, and that’s why it works.)

Let me know if you can reproduce this or if you need any other information!


Sorry for the delayed response. Was this a clean install or an upgrade from the previous one? Could you try upgrading to the latest version and check once.


Did a clean install and upgraded to 0.18.14. It still doesn’t save history. However, it will retain login settings. For instance, I coudn’t type in community.brave.com and have it autofill, but once I went to the site it was already logged in.


Just tested again on 0.18.29. Same behavior. Anyone else having this?

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