Hillarious: Uphold BAT->ETH Withdrawal Fee ($11)

Have 5 BAT in Uphold wallet. Decide to see what withdrawal expenses are like…
7.6 BAT network fee (ca $10-$11).
Hillarious, and totally unusable… Nothings changed.

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Once it goes upto 30 BAT network fees…

It’s because of the ETH network charging high. For more info :-

So the better option is Exchange from BAT to XRP and transfer it or just transfer to XRP.


Yes, Ran into this with Upload taking the majority of BAT, I advise for over 1,000 small websites and was about to share a how to set up BAT tutorial when I saw this happening so abandoned recommending BAT to starving Artist and authors as the whole upload thing looks Scammy.

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new improvments need to be made these BS mining or Gas fees are counter productive. Be Centralized and declare you own fees. BAT does not need UPload they had restrictive KYC rules that did not allow more then one website per wallet total BS

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BAT is not really scammy, just so far badly organised.
I take the point about ETH gas fees. I’m rarely involved w ETH. I can’t stand ERC-20 tokens when my wallet is forced to have enough ETH to pay gas, even when otherwise I don’t need ETH.

Brave’s implementation of BAT will no doubt improve, and it is only 1 part of the Brave browser exprience.
For small artists, etc… Brave users donating BAT to websites… this is done straight from the browser, no need for Uphold. I have done this couple of times. When I happen to be on a website where the browser indicates BAT is supported for donation (tick on the triangle), then I’ve been able to donate 1BAT without any fees. Admittedly, this experience has been on Android, where my BAT total does not yet allow me to sync/send BAT to Uphold. On my desktop, BAT is already synced to Uphold, so not sure how that works, however going through the donation process on my desktop seems to get to the button without fees.

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that’s not uphold fault, that’s ethereum gas fee fault, blame ether

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If you want to withdraw, don’t use BAT, use Litecoin as LTC gas fees are 60 cents


The ETH system is a scam. I moved $38 of Compound to my Ledger Nano X yesterday and they took 35% of my currency. Leaving me with only $23. All but a couple scents went to the miner fee. Then about 30 mins later I moved BAT and I forget what else, and they only took a very very tiny bit. I then moved other crypto that wasn’t ERC20 and I got 100% of it into my ledger.

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You can transfer to another network currency wallet for example Uphold to Binance from BAT to XRP which have near 0 exchange rate. Then sell away the XRP and withdraw that money from the wallet.

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