Highlight tabs that match whatever address I am currently typing

We all end up with dozens of tabs open, and a lot of them are duplicates.

How about a feature where when you’re typing an address in the address bar, any tabs which match the URL you’re currently typing flash and then stay highlighted(like their background color changes, preferably with a customizable color) so that the user immediately notices that “Oh, I already have that open in this other open tab,” and they see exactly where the flash happened and where the tabs are now a different color, meaning that you don’t end up opening that page in the current tab.

This could go a long way to preventing the creation of duplicate tabs.

And even better would be to also include a keyboard shortcut to hit that switches over to the highlighted tab if only one tab is highlighted this way.

Thank you for reaching out.
This is a good suggestion — however, we do already have a similar feature in place. While it does not highlight the tab itself, when typing a URL into the address bar, you will see in the drop-down whether or not you already have that tab open somewhere (or similar tabs that match that URL/pattern) with the option to switch to it:

I have color-deficient vision(as do about 4-5% of the population), so in order for things to be easily visible to me, areas of color need to be very large. Small areas of color are not visible to me, and favicons are too small and too detailed for me to discern what they are, so since I can’t really tell what favicons look like very well, I can’t use them very well to differentiate one site from the next, so my brain naturally doesn’t pay much attention to them.

So when I type text in the address bar, the “Switch to this tab” looks to me about the same as any other line of text, so when there are 20 suggestions in that field, the “Switch to this tab” really does not stick out. I have seen it when I am specifically looking for it, but that’s only been something that’s happened once or twice. It’s not a feature which is noticeable within the very short amount of time I am typing a URL(something I can do within a few seconds, whereas searching through the results for other text would take a longer time). A tab that flashes and changes to a different color would be much more likely to get the attention of someone who’s colorblind.