Highlight duplicate tabs

There are a few requests already about how to deal with the duplicate tabs situation (when you happen to have the same URL opened in multiple tabs).
The general request is to somehow automatically close the duplicates, which is hard to do right because there are legitimate use cases for opening multiple tabs to the very same URL.

Opera handles this in a pretty subtle way: it just highlights all of the identical tabs whenever one of them is hovered on in the tabs bar.
This combined with TabTab Search extension allows me to avoid tab duplication very efficiently.

I’d love to see this highlight duplicate tabs feature in Brave !


I remember one version of Internet Explorer used to give the same color to all tabs generated from a parent tab (such as if you opened a link in a new tab). Despite my misgivings about Internet Explorer, I thought it was a neat feature and something I would welcome in Brave.

Thanks for the suggestion, nico57!

Yes, that’s a feature I miss from Opera too.

You can use tab groups to color tabs.
(click here to learn how to collapse and expand them)

Thanks, that’s a really cool feature, but what we want here that the browser automagically highlights the tabs with same url, so we’ll see that there is a duplicate. It’s really handy in some cases.