Higher Ram Usage

Hello Brave Devs,
I am using Brave stable ver. 1.8.93 on Android. One thing I noticed about this new version is it takes much RAM compared to previous version. While in idle Brave RAM usage is about 200-300MB, and it hampers other applications. Even Brave browser sometimes freezes. I am using it on a Quad-Core CPU paired with 2GB of RAM on Android 7.0
Thank You.

Can you compare that with how many resources other browsers uses on your phone?

Chrome uses approximately 150MB of RAM
Opera uses less than 100MB of RAM.
Firefox uses approximately 200MB of RAM.
Brave prev. ver. was using approximately 100 MB of RAM.

All these figures are gathered when I open the app, give it some time (approximately 5 second s) to load properly without opening any page.

Thank You.

:point_up: So you’re saying Brave was losing less memory than all of the other ones?

I am saying these are the RAM usage of different browser and I have included two different versions of Brave browser for Android, current Brave ver. 1.8.93 uses approximately 300MB of RAM but one prev. was using approximately 100MB of RAM.
In the following list (already posted above) Brave Browser uses most RAM approximately 300MB degrading my system response.

What tool are you using to gather this data?

My Device inbuilt RAM Manger shows this data to me. And I am sure this data is correct.

Thanks … i wasn’t questioning the validity of the data … i was going to compare memory of my browsers and wanted to be sure I’m using the same/similar tool