High praise for making scripts individual again!

Thank you dev team.
You listened and delivered.

Now if we could get rewards without kyc, that would be great.
We are tired of being cucked by the banks, and their associated billionaires.

Yes, indeed would be wonderful. But, sorry to be the bearer of bad news that this most likely won’t ever happen. As Brave needs to follow some regulations which have been explained by a Brave team member at

Essentially he means, that since we won’t ever be able to get our rewards into a non - custodial account / No-KYC accounts. We will have to use a custodial / KYCed account for receiving payments

I didn’t want to open an issue, but quick question, is there a way to make brave remember the scripts that were blocked, or is that not a feature yet

But, sorry to be the bearer of bad news,…

Right,…not with the current devs, for sure.

Still, people are tired of being told how things are gonna be when they clearly don’t have to be that way, but for the violence of a few.
If these devs embrace their slavery, some new ones will come along and the community members that love freedom will follow their fork taking their attention with them.
Then the enablers will see how alone they truly are.

Seems to me that this was the essence of the fork from chrome.
Just a matter of time and the kyc branch will go the way of the ancient greeks.

I opened a thread here: Make script auths sticky

Please take the time to add your +1.

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