High Memory (RAM) Usage


Brave is consuming too much ram . See screenshot

Device : moto x play
Os : stock marshmallow 6.0.1
Not rooted

Optimize browser startup

Which version of Brave is running?


My Version is 1.0.27


Could you check how many cached process are running? Also how many tabs are opened in the app? Were there any audio/video running in any of the tabs?


3 tabs and no video/audio files in the tabs.
I don’t know what do you mean by cached process. There is 9 active running process by brave like sandbox process1 , sandbox process0 etc etc


Big memory hog! NOT GOOD>
I love leaving tabs open when I close down Brave so they open where I left off the next morning. But I can’t do that - Brave uses at least 300-500 MB of RAM per tab.


Issue logged for investigation. You can track the issue here

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