High kernel/cpu usage with slingtv When I play video with slingtv I get high kernel cpu usage. It can run 40 or 50% which maxes out my cpu and you know what that is like. I know sling wants us to use chrome or edge. No and no. I used to use firefox but they are now blocking that when it has always worked just as good as chrome. I am not having this problem when I play other video sources. Any ideas what to do?

Does it work better in private window mode? Ensure Hardware Acceleration is enabled also.

I had tried turning off acceleration and it did not help. Back on and private same problem. I wonder if it is (I think) widevine running (for drm) causing this.

Turning off hardware accleration will use more CPU than GPU, only use if you have buggy gpu drivers

ffox now working with sling and it has this same problem. On my main desktop I do not have this problem. So must be a pc specific problem not brave. I am going to work on trying some other video drivers. Probably the problem. I’ll try to report back if it fixes this.

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