HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

More Tools, Task Manager will show you which Tab(s) is causing it.

If its a specific site, I can take a look.

please help me i have this problem i dunno how to fix it
high cpu usage when using FB

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Since I did not see you post again in this thread, I waited until Brave updated itself to Version 1.14.81. Is this version supposed to address the problem? I have run a light test so far of 8 Facebook tabs. Brave did not freeze but the memory footprint and CPU numbers in the task manager still seem quite high – 198K for the browser task alone. I will run a more equal-to-past-problems test tomorrow when I have time to reboot if Brave seizes my PC.

Still the same behavior opening 15 Facebook tabs from my notifications. Looking at the Brave task manager before my whole PC froze, one tab got up to a peak of 133.5% CPU but averaged around 122%.

Yea it seems the issue has presented its self again? The latest update, anyone else?

Can anyone here experiencing this issue with High CPU spikes on Facebook tell me whether or not turning Shields down changes the behavior at all?

Additionally, can you list any extensions installed in the browser as well?

Have read the entire thread.
Have tried everything suggested.
Nothing has fixed the problem.
Brave was burning up my CPU and causing similar problems as mentioned by others.
This post is not asking for anything, as it seems the problem is not going to be fixed in the near term. It is given merely as information.
I have no choice but to stop using Brave. This is sad, but necessary.

I checked facebook. The only time I saw higher usage on, https://www.facebook.com/watch (due to the auto playback of videos) That said, I saw the same cpu usage in chrome on the same facebook.com/watch page.

I have removed 2 filters, possibly problematic. This will be updated in Brave shields next 24-48hrs.

So very true. Brave (in its clean state) is (or tries to be) as low comsuming as other can only wish to be…

It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I uninstalled Brave and went back to using other browsers. It’s just less problematic for me.

Regarding extensions, my report from yesterday was with all of them deleted from my regular profile (not either of the new profiles you had me create later as I wanted to see if Brave’s new version fixed this problem). I noticed that just turning off extensions in Brave does not prevent them from running anyway so I have eliminated that possibility.

Let me add an observation. With Brave unable to handle the workload I normally give it, I have mostly gone back to doing those same tasks in Google Chrome on Windows. While Chrome is not crashing my whole PC, I have noticed recently that it is having difficulty loading some tabs from Facebook. In some cases, not even a refresh will get them to load. I have to copy the URL, close the tab, open a new one, paste in the URL, and then they load fine.

This makes me wonder if the problem is somehow tied to the Windows version of the Chromium base (Brave on my Linux machine still runs like a greyhound). The odd thing is, I also use Chromium-based Vivaldi and it is still having no problem loading the usual amount of Facebook tabs I will open (often 15 to 20, sometimes a few more…something Brave never gagged on until I began posting in this thread).

I’m still discussing this issue with the team – thank you for your patience and diligent reporting. Note that one of our engineers made some changes that may take a bit to get applied but will hopefully help performance:

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I am also experiencing regular freezing and CPU/memory spikes which happen every 10-15 minutes on a regular basis. I am using Mac Catalina 10.15.6 and the latest version of Brave. The issue has been going on for 2-3 weeks now, and has gotten to the point where Brave is nearly unusable for me – and I say this as a long-time Brave fan who has used the browser for several years. My only two extensions are Metamask and LastPass, I have Hardware Acceleration turned off, and I have tried creating a new profile to no avail.

Freezes typically happen on mildly resource-intensive sites like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc, but also happen on other random pages sometimes too. My CPU will spike massively, computer quickly heat up, and after 30 seconds to 5 minutes, it will unfreeze and return to normal until the next debilitating freeze.

I would love to have a solution or some additional suggestions to try, because I am looking for every possible excuse to avoid switching browsers… but if this keeps up, I may not have a choice :frowning:


I am glad to wait plus do more testing as you request. With some breaks to wait for various fixes or the return of Sync, I’ve been using Brave since very early in its history (2016?). Unlike some others, I don’t give up on a worthy project so easily. :wink:

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We truly do appreciate your support – it means a lot.

@freeze @KoHoSo are you both on Windows 7?

I am using macOS Catalina (10.15.6)

I’ve rechecked this, and it seems to have helped. (initial 200k memory footprint, then comes down to below 150k.)

I rolled out a fix into Easyprivacy, since Facebook was constantly polling 2 scripts. Which was causing issues.


  1. New browser window,
  2. Open only Facebook.com (no videos)
  3. Load up More Tools/Task manager
  4. Watch memory/cpu usage for a min or so.

I have minimal extensions enabled. (the more extensions, the higher the memory usage)

https://www.facebook.com/watch (and any videos) will increase cpu/gpu usage. Memory usage on videos varied from 200k-400k, CPU was all over the place.

Looking at Chrome vs Brave in Memory/CPU usage, it’s about the same. Hardware acceleration options may also affect the results.

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The problem machine for me is indeed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The boss doesn’t want to replace or upgrade our computers so I’m stuck with it until he sees the light.

In that vein, I finally had an opportunity to test Brave and Facebook on my Win10 laptop, a Dell Inspirion 5575. I had a ton of notifications and I opened them all in their own tabs to really try to stress Brave. Just like on my Linux machine, it didn’t even blink.

If part of this is that Brave just can’t stay retro enough to work well on Win7, I’m fine with that. That computer will have to go eventually, probably when the boss gets his own infected with malware.


that make my day

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Wow, I just wanted to say I clear cache frequently and it’s usually at 300mbs, but only takes seconds to clear. Not sure why you’re process can be taking 40 minutes, that’s crazy…