High CPU and RAM Usage

I’m using Pop OS 20.04

@Mattches seems to finally be acting normally now I’ve not experienced any issues since I last complained. I didn’t use the computer yesterday so I can’t say this for sure but I think that yesterday’s update fixed it.

After taking a timeout for a couple months, due to all the headaches of RAM & CPU Usage being over the top, I updated to the current version, and am finding this issue still existing! My memory app (Memory Clean 3) is showing Brave using “only” 21 GIGS OF RAM, after it previously showed 26 GBs, before I ran an “extreme clean”.

This is unacceptably high RAM use (& yesterday it was showing over 200% CPU Usage), especially for a browser advertised as using LESS RAM… Why is this still such a huge issue for many of us?

Can you please share a screenshot of the browser using 22GB of memory? In Brave, please go to Menu --> More tools --> Task Manager and share a screenshot of the browser Task Manager window. Try and enlarge the window so I can see as many of the running processes as possible.

@Mattches one more question, why does it seem like Brave can’t use my GPU?

Which GPU do you have @SamGreenwood

the Radeon RX 5700 XT

Lets try a clean install of Brave Beta https://brave.com/download-beta/, as test case. @SamGreenwood

Install no extensions in Beta, just browse a few sites. Keeping Hardware acceleration = on. How does Beta perform?

It didn’t use the GPU when I had hardware acceleration on. I think it’s not extensions I tested against Edge with the same extensions and Edge was able to use GPU.

Test it yourself goto NASA Eyes in both Brave and Edge

I don’t need to show every single tab/window, to let you see that with just a handful of tabs, and being open less than an hour, Brave is using 11GBs of RAM, and over 100% of CPU usage. That is not acceptable, especially for a browser that claims to use less energy & memory than others.

how did you get the Task Manager to display in MB and GB?

I clicked on the Window tab on top, then hit Task Manager.

are you on Windows or Mac?

Mac… ( I figured that might be why you don’t see it)

Launch a clean Brave profile, check the GPU from each tab when its launched.

Resolution/quality of each video being played will add some load to GPU.

I know but it doesn’t

Now I’m having problems with the Browser process using almost a GB of RAM. All the other processes seem to be around the average that the given site takes.

My understanding is that the CPU and RAM issues mentioned in this post were related to one or multiple bugs that were fixed and the lack of GPU is possibly more about Edge having special access than Brave being bad but I don’t know that for sure.

Also, the Browser process issues seemed to be a fluke.

Any updates? I’m still having trouble with that.