High CPU and RAM Usage

I stand corrected it just happened again

We are still working on it. 99% of users who encounter this type of issue will have it resolved by one of the solutions already suggested so this one seems to be an outlier.

Just to clarify you’re saying that today’s update should of fixed it? I just thought of something, I’ll try reinstalling it maybe it’s just a bad installation. I started having this problem after I had to clean install Windows before I did everything seemed to be working fine.

I tried reinstalling it but noticed that it restored directly to its previous state. Is there a way to force clean install of brave?

Hello. I’ve been having the same issue for weeks. Brave will suddenly almost freeze and start hogging up ~90% of CPU and ~90% of RAM. Then, after waiting ten-twenty seconds, it will keep moving, and any mouse movements or key clicks will that happened during the freeze will happen all at once.
I’ve disabled hardware acceleration and the sync chain, but it still keeps on happening. I don’t have Grammarly either. Hope you find a solution, as getting locked out of my main browser a bit every day is getting extremely irritating.

Please try all suggested solutions mentioned above and confirm that they do not change the behavior:

In addition, please try creating a fresh browser profile and browsing normally for a while and see if the issue persists when using the new profile (ensure you close the original profile window during this test as well).

Checking back in – can anyone who is still encountering this issue and tried all previously suggested solutions in this thread tell me if you have Rewards enabled and if so, is it both Rewards and Ads?

I have both enabled. I noticed that sometimes when this issue happens it seems that service workers from certain sites hang around. I tested a few in Edge at the same time in edge those service workers initiated but went away once the tabs were fully loaded (or video loads in) in Brave those service workers don’t stop and keep taking up the RAM.

I restarted the computer a few minutes ago and now Brave seems to be performing much better than usual (even better ever).

Unrelated question: is there a way to pin a tab so that it’s perpendicularly pinned in any window I open?

Update: just happened again but in general when the spikes aren’t happening Brave seems to be performing much better.

Seems like it is definitely something to do with service workers I noticed that last time a spike happened I noticed that a spike happened specifically with the RAM usage of the YouTube PWA once I closed it took a while for the service worker to go away after it went away RAM usage dropped to normal. When I first opened the YouTube video in a regular browser when I opened it into the PWA the service worker stayed until after I closed it? Are these different behaviours normal?

Just experienced a spike for the first time in a few days. 2 things are different this time 1 Windows Task Manager shows the main Brave process using exorbitant amounts of RAM (and this time CPU also) and there’s a second process in Task Manager that’s also using a tom of resources and the second thing that’s different is that is it spiked and than has been fluctuating at unusually high numbers for about 10 minutes. Since this occurrence started readings from Brave’s Task Manager reduced a couple of minutes in to the spike.

It ended while I was writing this post.

Here’s a link to a screencap I took while the extended one was happening: https://youtu.be/E7raQjXoMKo

The video is still processing but it should be up soon.

You are running quite a few extensions here, does private window mode, no extensions installed improve performance? @SamGreenwood

Yes but this behaviour is new and I’ve been using the extensions I’m using for ages. As seen in all the screenshots I posted show the util values of the extensions max out at around 230MB. Also there are other people saying that they are experiencing similar issues so that indicates that unlikely to be something specific to my system (just to be clear, I’ve actually had this issue on multiple systems). Obviously running with no extensions would improve the baseline performance but if I remember correctly the spikes were still happening.


Extensions changes over time, performance can vary from each version update. Because you use extensions X, Y, Z. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll also act or behave the same way forever.

We’re investigating performance issues;

I deactivated Grammarly for a few minutes and Brave actually dropped considerably in RAM usage between when it wasn’t active and when it was. I’m not saying that it helps (that wouldn’t make sense) but that would seem to indicate that it’s something else.

@Markook @Delka @SomethingRandom @nununu @Pete3 @ikwtif @tchambers @Theo90 are any of you still having this issue?

No, it stopped happening for me.

Grammerly extension is notorious for hogging cpu/ram resources (see previous link)

Fans running high as we speak. I only have UBlock and Honey installed.