Hiding Ad Boxes


Any possibility of updating the adblock functionality to remove the spaces for ads entirely? Kiwi browser does this and is also based on chromium, so presumably it is possible.


There is not feature like this on Android (which I’m guessing is what you’re referring to given your other post). However, we are implementing a feature in Brave 1.0 that allows you to block individual CSS elements of any kind in window. You can test this feature out right now by getting our early Developer Build where we are already testing this feature! Here’s an example that illustrates how the feature can be used to block unwanted elements on screen:


Correct, I am referring to android. Kiwi is based on chromium and somehow manages to remove them, so I thought it might be possible.

I’ve been using Brave dev on desktop now since the switch to chromium and loving it. Once sync is sorted out I’ll switch on all PCs.


Thank you for your feedback @Nemisor, we really do appreciate it.

As far as I know there aren’t any features planned for what you’re trying to accomplish.
However, if you feel strongly about it and want devs to consider it, here’s what you should do:

  1. After I make this reply I will close the Topic
  2. Open a new Topic under “Feature Requests” (as you did originally) and give it a short descriptive title that mentions the specific feature.
  3. In your post:
    • Describe in detail the functionality of the feature
    • Give [at least one] specific use case for the feature
    • Since you mentioned Kiwi browser already having this feature implemented, take a couple
      screenshots/screen recordings of the feature in action on Kiwi

We get tons of feature and extension requests every day and many of them amount to “I want this please make it” which does not make for a very compelling case. Feature requests a form like the one detailed in the steps above are more likely to be looked at by the team and are more useful to developers as it helps visualize the desired feature/behavior.

If you have any questions with respect to this topic, feel free to DM me directly.


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