Hide tiles option is a must have


I just want to start by saying I hate twitter and all social media and yet every time I close my browser and reopen it, I see twitter and facebook. In addition to that when I hit the X, it doesn’t permanently remove it, as they come back time after time regardless of what sites I visit. What I would want to see is an option to remove tiles from the dashboard. I love the bookmark icons and everything else about the browser. Keep up the good work!


@valkrei: Out of curiosity, what exactly do you do to get these tiles? When I open a new tab with Ctrl-T I get just a nice black and empty surface.


@tlaloc77 you can set your new tab via Preferences > General > a new tab show. The default is showing dasboard (that have statistic + tiles + a nice background).

@valkrei IIRC, there’s a request logged for that option (re: to disable tiles). In addition, tiles is generated by your history. Except the default tiles that have links to various Brave social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).


Glad to hear we eventually will be able to disable tiles. Not a fan of the default tiles.

I noticed a few other minor issues. Lets say I have two windows open. If I try and move a tab from one screen to brave browser on the other screen it just overlaps the whole screen rather than move it in the form of tabs. Not sure how easy that fix is, the other is if I move my tab or browser to the other screen its always larger than the screen itself. In this case I just have to move it then adjust it to full screen for the fix.


@valkrei, did you try to drop it at tabs bar area? The current drop area is limited to tabs bar. Dropping it outside tabs bar will create new window instead of moving the tabs.


When I drag a tab to the other screen i try and drop it in the tab section and it does not add it to that screens tabs.


@valkrei, referencing your tiles issue - If your tiles are pinned to the dashboard, they will return every time you open a new tab. To see if your tabs are pinned, you can look in the top left corner of the tile (see image below). If the tab is pinned, simply unpin it, and it will be replaced with other websites as you visit them.

As far as moving tabs goes, sometimes the detection can be a little wonky but this does work. If I’m understanding the issue correctly, you can see me accomplish this without error in the gif below:


What is interesting about the tiles such as what your showing circled is… on my browser it is always twitter (pinned) even though I have unpinned all of them multiple times. followed by brave.com, duckduckgo, facebook, youtube, and just now finally apple is no longer auto populating.

In regards to the tabs thank you, its interesting that tabs will only move if you drop it between two active tabs and not to the right of the most active tab.


So when you hover over the “thumbtack” icon (“pin”), it should turn it to a minus sign ’ - ’ and when you click it, the site should be removed from tiles immediately. Does it do something else for you?


I forgot about this. Drop area is tabs bar and before + button. So moved it to in between tabs would work, and placed it before + button like @Mattches record also should work. :smiley:


no it will show it marked unpinned but for some reason the twitter tile, first from the left comes back pinned on a browser restart. Restart meaning all browser tabs are closed prior to re-opening Brave.


Also just want to give yall a shout out. Amazing responses and help!