Hide my name from Twitter Rewards for other people

Hi I have an issue where my full name appears when users click Brave Rewards whilst on my Twitter profile. It’s an issue because I use a pseudonym on Twitter for various reasons, and would rather people didn’t know my real name.

I have tried deleting my Brave creator account and re-signing up with my alternate email address, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

I’m not sure where it’s pulling my full name from and was hoping someone in this community could help.

This is what other users see when clicking Brave rewards whilst on my pseudonymous Twitter profile.

Thank you for reaching out to us – taking a look to see what’s going on here. It appears that some users do have their Twitter handle displayed while others have their names displayed which is quite odd.

Appreciate your patience.

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Can you please send me a link to your Twitter account?

I actually think that we’ve found the issue. Basically, your name is “cached” from a previous implementation where we pulled the actual user name as opposed to the Twitter handle (which we no longer do). Users who are viewing your profile for the first time will see the Twitter handle displayed.

If this is still insufficient, I can get steps for you to “reset” this value so that any all users viewing your profile (for first time or not) will see your handle as opposed to your name.

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@Mattches thanks for looking into this for me.

My Twitter profile actually has a different handle, email address, display name and everything these days, but I assume still a caching issue.

It would be great if I could reset it for everyone just in case.

Can you send me a DM and I can walk you through the steps to get this value reset?

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