Hidden brave commands


Hi are there any hidden commands to get to hidden parts of the browser?

Hi i was wondering if there is any hidden command lines you can type in the search bar to open hidden pages? Like the feature in chrome where you can type chrome://flags to find hidden settings and more… And in opera you can type opera://extension to get to the extensions page. :slight_smile: Text in chrome is in Swedish but it still counts right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @Jacalz,

We don’t have any hidden pages (yet). You can view all of our special pages at about:about

One feature that folks typically don’t know about: our executable can accept all of the Chromium / Chrome command line flags (in – format). For example, if you wanted to disable WebGL, you can do so by appending:

There are a ton of other commands you can try (all of the ones shown in chrome://flags should work great)



Wow, thanks :wink: Such a great answer :hugs: That’s what I really love about this community, the devs are great people that cares about the members and the members cares about the devs :muscle::+1:
(The members are great people too though) :joy:

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