Hi CPU load with dev and nightly, but not with beta

Dear all,
I am seeing a consistent behavior with the -dev and -nightly builds on both of my computers running Debian/sid. With dev/nightly the browser eats CPU cycles even with no extension loaded, no page shown, and minimized. CPU loads vary between 30% and 100%, and always two thread eating time.

With the beta channel nothing of this kind happens, without any interaction CPU load of brave threads drops to <3% percent.

Is this a known issue, or is there any advice how to debug this?



Are all settings the same between Dev/Nightly and Beta installs?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, as far as I can see, yes. I have checked the settings and advanced settings. I have compared the set of extensions, but also have disabled all extensions.

I could try to run strace/gdb/whatever on the binary, but not sure whether this helps you.



Some additional information: I can reproduce the behavior any time with the following very simple steps:

  • Start brave without any open tabs => CPU immediately drops below 5% and remains there
  • Open Brave settings => CPU rises
  • Close Settings tab, only the empy front page is open => CPU remains at 20-30% for 2-3 threads.

I retried it now a few times with the -dev browser, and could reproduce it every time.

I found the culprit: The sync thread obviously had problems. I sometimes got double entries in the bookmarks. After disabling sync (leaving current sync chain) all is back to normal.