Hi Brave Users (Australia 10play & 7+ Loading Issues)

Hi all brave users Australia, I was just wondering is anyone experiencing pages not loading properly mainly just 10play and 7plus I was just trying to watch Home and Away usually it would load properly

10play loads but I got to disable the shields to properly work as for 7plus I get a black blank screen when I want to watch something

could anyone else let me know if there experiencing same issue like me

Hey @Darkside

Brave Webcompat/Kiwi here, I don’t have access to test aussie sites. If you can PM me (here or on twitter) with some login details, I can take a look.

i wont be sending my login details to you sorry

Apologies, Sure, I’ll take a look later. Unsure if I can fix, since it’s dependant on a login. If there is free-content that has the same issues which requires no login/geochecks, it’ll be a start.

I was able to test some free content, For 10play, add the following into brave://adblock

@@||tags.tiqcdn.com/utag/$domain=10play.com.au @@||pagead2.googlesyndication.com^$xmlhttprequest,domain=10play.com.au

Does that help ^

Just tested https://7plus.com.au/live-tv this worked with Brave with no changes (though it’s a bit slow)

still acting same for me :frowning: seems to be issue with 10play and 7 plus cause im unable to play from edge

Are you using a vpn? or try vpn’ing from another aussie location?

no vpn this issue has ben since 1,22.70

About to head off to bed, Ensure widevine is enabled in brave://settings/extensions also. which would affect both sites.

If you can test 7plus in a clean Brave profile and/or try Brave Beta

its a fault with websites cause i tried in on 2 other browsers edge and firefx

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