Hey is it too late to join the Brave Nightly Browser

I know it’s Oct. 7 but is it too late for the new update on the Nightly browser

You can download and install Nightly at any time here – brave.com/download-nightly

If you’re talking about publisher payouts on the 8th, then yes, too late to get into that payment window if you haven’t already verified.

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Thank you. I just downloaded it. How can I see or transfer my brave rewards from the previous browser to the new one?

You can do that by importing your wallet recovery code into Nightly. :slight_smile:

  1. Open up brave://rewards/ in the version of Brave you were previously using.

  2. Click the small gear icon next to your browser balance (see screenshot)

  3. Copy your restore code down somewhere safe – don’t show it to anyone!

  4. Open up brave://rewards/ in the version of Brave you’re currently using.

  5. Click the gear icon again, and then “restore”. Enter in the recovery code you previously copied over and click “Done”.

Let me know if you need any other help!

Annotation 2019-10-07 115603.png

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