Hey i'm not receiving bats for the brave homescreen ads

Same I was receiving rewards then stopped receiving rewards.

Not touched the Brave browser files and I can’t see how using a VPN can affect rewards at all. Just sounds like this is a random situation. One amongst the many random situations reported on here.

Works sometimes, but yes, we seem to have some issues. Early stage and dev’s probably trying their best.

Takes a while for Brave to pay it out… Jan’s should be paid out in a day or so, so let’s see

Also experiencing issues with BATs disappearing after updates, or simply closing the browser / restarting

iOS user

doesn’t seem like a bug to me. Coz I stopped recieving pop-up ads after 2 months and sponsored image stop after 8 months. Do any of you have the same issue??

yeah i am recieving like only 2-4 pop up ads only daily and i only someime get paid for the images

how long have you use brave browser?

Have alook here as it will tell you what ads are being displayed in your area, how long they have been playing and how long they have left. Brave ads go in cycles and it all depends on your whereabouts in the cycle your area is. Brave Ads in My Region

i had bookmark that link a year ago :sweat_smile:

the longer you use these browser the less ads you’ll get and eventually it all stopped. that’s the way i see these browser :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What browsers can you explain i don’t understand it?

@lvlalrinhlua that’s incorrect. There are many of us who have been using the browser for years and still see ads regularly. Did you have a limit of how many times you can see each ad but that’s a different story.

A lot of times when people stop seeing other start getting BAT it’s often settings on their devices or Brave screwed up and their system flagged the user.

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i recieve ads but only 3-4 pop up ads daily and that too in the morning and i get paid for images in new tab but not everytime

Seems like a lot of problems like this lately. I stopped getting BAT in December and even though I’ve posted multiple times no one will do anything to help.

how can i check if my account is flagged or not??

I also get a ton of ads most of the time but also at times very few. Some people are of the incorrect opinion that the ads just go on and on but that just isn’t the case and yes some others tinker with the settings and break things.

:100: this is completely true! On a normal day, up to 5 pop-up ads may appear. In addition, many ads can appear on the screen, but not all of them are paid. only a few manage to increase the number of bats (in cents of course) :money_mouth_face:

@lvlalrinhlua The only way that you can find out is to message a moderator like @Mattches , @SaltyBanana or @steeven

They ask for you information from Brave Internals and everything. Just be advised that those three handle over 1000 messages and posts each day. So it can take them sometime to get back to you but they try to respond and look into things as fast as they can.

If he hadn’t seen it, I created a post two weeks ago that shares some basic information on troubleshooting you can do and things that can cause issues on not seeing ads or not being paid for them. In addition, I share exactly the information that the moderators ask for in order to review your account and fix any problems.

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bro read this article


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