Hey, i want to know something about rewards

**Hey guys, i want to know if i can get rewards from two different devices on the same gemini account, i mean i got 6,750 BAT on the first one and and 6,750 on the second one but i got only 6,750 on the gemini account, you will probably say “You got only 6,750 in total and see it on both” but no, i did have 0,21 and 0,18 last month on the both devices and it combined 0,38 total, didn’t show the total amount on the both devices, so the question is; should i open a new account for the other device or is this a bug? because i lost around 3 dollars because of this problem. As i said, i had no issue last month, got both devices’ amounts in one account. Thank you for your help from now. **

** [1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54] 64 bit version**

yes (yes/no)

Don’t remember exactly but around 1 month and a week ago




Don’t use android

Don’t use uphold

And here are my earnings and wallet

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