Hey. I am having a problem displaying ads

Hey. I am having problems displaying ads. Delivered 5 ad impressions per hour. But ads are shown far from 5 times per hour. It happens that ads are not shown at all for several hours, but sometimes 2-3 times per hour. It’s the same on my Android OS. If on Android I can still understand why, since I do not always use the Brave browser, but at the same time the display of ads there is the same in number as on a PC, then on a PC I do not understand why.

Here, in 3 days, only 6 ad impressions.

If your PC is Windows 10 this may be helpful Brave Rewards: No Brave Ad Notifications Fix (Windows 10) (can’t post URL as a word is not allowed). Search for it.

Since Dec 19 2020 ad delivery has been sporadic. Although of recent days I have gotten quite a few ads on both Windows 10 and Linux.

I found and checked this article: Brave Rewards: No Brave Ad Notifications Fix (Windows 10). But it talks about how to turn on ads if it suddenly turned off. I checked the settings as it was indicated there, I have everything as written. Today I have as many as 5 ad impressions) In general, the problem remains

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