Hey how can i donate my batcoins

i have some bat coins so i want to donate this to opensource projects i have decided to donate 5 projects now let me know how can i
kde org

and maybe next time other projects also.

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Use the Brave Rewards icon on the omnibar (by your extensions) on the website of the project you want to donate to, and click the send tip button.

there is only beave says only verified but others are not verified so if i send some to unverified will they receive any money?

Probably not. That is because they probably are from unsupported regions.

These projects (with exception of Brave) are not registered as content creators. You cannot donate to them.

You can find content creators in the following page:

They need to sign up for brave rewards so that brave knows where to send the crypto. Since Firefox is a competitor to brave, I doubt that they will ever do that.

i have donated to brave alreqdy but cant donate others

i don’t think so brave and firefox is a competitor they both are in the same boat called privacy preserving community and chrome and edge is the true competitor ideologically.


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