Hey Guys.. .I am not receive my payment help me July 9.....Brave real or fake?

:roll_eyes: hello guys help me TELL ME bRAVE REAL Or fake:sleepy:
i am not receive my payment help me July 9

I haven’t got anything for the last period - my first payment! So, I can’t tell you if this is legit but I will be watching the forum for information that might help me.

i dont know man this brave is pretty sketch ive been waiting on 50usd worth of ltc for 2 months now not sure whats the deal with these people they keep changing the payout date to the next month every month if theyre giving such a hard time for so little coin cant imagine publishers receiving alot of tips ive seen them close peoples accounts as well on payout date, suspend your account because they can its their system they can do whatever they want. if i do ever receive the 50 usd worth of ltc i will update my post but as of april 8th ive been waiting and nothing so dont get your hopes up

They pay with BAT, are you sure you’re waiting for LTC?

the same, I also haven’t received payment from brave.
brave payment is real or fake

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