Hexagon + Heart


I looked everywhere but feel like I must me missing something tremendously obvious. What is the hexagon button containing a heart next to the URL bar? I have a hunch it’s related to payments?


Hi, it is the mark which shows that Brave Payments is enabled on that site.

Please have a look at this page for more information: https://brave.com/Payments_FAQ.html



I loved over the payments FAQ but saw no reference to that button or what it does if it’s clicked. And no info on it in the browser.


Perhaps this will help :slight_smile:


2 things there:

  1. Glad that the information is in the forum, but it should probably be more clear at the browser level? I didn’t see any open tickets for it. Making it visually more clear, showing a tooltip on hover, showing some sort of message when it’s clicked, etc. Does that feel right?

  2. Interesting the suggested work flow for the user is that you can click it on a site, look to see if their registered w/ Brave (I’m not even sure where to find that info) and then emailing them personally (I imagine you’d lose most people here), and then they can register. Could this not be automated? Or at the very least popup a window telling the user that they’re the site they just “hearted” isn’t yet on Brave Payments and to email them if they want to receive your monthly contribution.


I’d agree. tooltip should be added there


I created an issue about this problem:



Tooltip will be added in 0.19 version. The icon might be changed into the BAT icon.

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