HEVC plug-in/add-on



I figure with Chrome having this functionality, and the Payments infrastructure being built with the webtorrent abilities, this is a no-brainer. Netflix/Hulu/whoever will be all over brave for the monetized on-demand mobile streaming possibilities alone.

H.265 support for movies
H.265 support for movies

There is a request for vlc plugin and it should cover it: :slight_smile:


I tried getting VLC to play a HEVC file to no avail, which is why I hope brave will beat them to it.


@heysoundude Only VLC 2.2.0 onward support HEVC.



Well either the torrents I downloaded were corrupt or incorrectly encoded, or my system can’t handle the processing required, because I’m running current VLC and it was chunky and out of sync if it played at all.


Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide any support on that. You could however try upgrading the software and check. Closing the issue for now.


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