Helping expnding your Ad availability in Scandinavia

Hi, just wanted to offer my help in expanding regions. I am based in Sweden and ads are not available here. Is there anything I can do to change this?

Wow, you guys seem to be in a comfortable position. Perhaps I should have offered my help in community management.

Im also from Sweden. I noticed that Brave Rewards is working in Sweden now! But only on the phone it seems.

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Interesting. Do you know which sites are part of rewards? Just checked again the info section but could not find any update.

I have no idea, i just get notifications on the top of the screen now and then.
When i click them i get the awards. I guess you have selected that you want to get ads for awards, in the setting section?

Interesting, ads for awards is enabled and ad limit is at max but so far I have not received any notifications.

Thats strange. Might be some setting on your phone that disables this? I have no clue. But i did notice one thing today! Its now available in the real web browser! Oh happy day!

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