Help with unveiling password

I think so Rajat.

Dogs have Owners-
-Cats have Staff.

Your parents/sibling’s phone will work too…

You have one of them?

Or even another laptop shall work. I basically need an Android/Windows/iOS device.

This will not be that easy as I think you can’t directly install .exe files on chromebook. And even such installation will require device password to reveal saved passwords. @Reed You have to explain whay exactly do you see when you click on the eye button to show passwords. Does nothing happens? You don’t get a prompt to enter device password?

Does this article doen’t help to take a screenshot?

You actually can’t use exe file, you need to download the Linux version, since Chromebooks are a version of Linux.

He has said many times that, when he clicks the eye-icon, it asks him to enter a password, but he doesn’t have any password.

Had to connect different posts of OP to understand. @Reed Try to change your Screen Lock option to a password or PIN in your Chromebook. You will find that option in settings. But this again will require your device password which I think will be the password of your Google account which you used to sign-in to your Chromebook. This should work.

I just wonder if you get a promt to enter password, will your Google account password work here?

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