Help with recovering my account

Hello, since i’m starting to have a good amount of BAT i decided to secure them by making an account using the browser, i followed the step and all BUT when it asked me to put my specific words in order it didn’t do anything, i tried reloading it, still didn’t do anything. I closed the page and tried to go on it : my password is wrong (even tho i took time to make sure that i typed the good password that i wanted to use when i signed in) AND i can’t access the “Restore account?
Import using account seed phrase”, when i click on it nothing happens.

Since there’s no direct support with the brave browser, since i’m new to crypto and since i don’t know if i uphold can help me with it here i am … I’m not even sure that this is the good topic aswell, i’m just stunned that the frikin recovery doesn’t work that makes no sense for me. I have the word password thing on my computer so if someone could help that’d be sweet …
ps : i’m not english, i have a really good english but don’t go into deep stuff i’ll probably won’t understand it (and translating it won’t help i’m pretty sure so).