help with my brave account

I have 2 doubts
the first: since the referral system was eliminated and I have my account with still 4 bats, I have no possibility of withdrawing them?
Second: I have my brave account with which I log in from my email, and it does not give me any problem in opening and viewing it, but when I install the browser I cannot access with that account, and I do not understand how to restore it or any way to integrate it into the browser.

From A minimum is 5 BAT.

Even tough referral program’s ended, you still able to receive BAT from tips and contribution.

What “Brave account”? Brave don’t have a “Brave account”.

Maybe you can elaborate more about your second question? Screenshot will be helpful too.

al entrar con el correo puedo, pero al iniciar el navegador la cuenta que me sale es otra y no puedo ingresar con la mia anterior.

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