Help with custom filter syntax

I used to have a custom filter in Ublock Origin to block the placeholder that Disqus places when I block a user. It was written like this: user is blocked.)

But it doesn’t work when I add it to brave://adblock. This is probably because it needs a different syntax. I looked up how to write filters at the Adblock Plus manual but couldn’t get it to work.

Does anyone have any advice?

That’s a uBlock feature called Procedural cosmetic filter, ABP also has something like that called “Extended CSS selectors” but Brave doesn’t support stuff like that yet, one of the few things uBlock has the advantage compared with Brave adblocker and while Brave developers are aware of it we can only wait for them to implement them someday.

Right now in Brave you can only use plain css selectors for the cosmetic rules.


Oh ok, thank you! Not that big of an issue for me right now for me to worry much about it!

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