Help with brave creators verification

Hello there, have a good day.
I write you today because, i start using Brave, and l like it alot i love it.
Now im trying to start about brave creatos, but when ppl go to my twitch channel, they cant make a month contribution because there say im not vericate.
I have the Uphold account, and its enlaced with my brave channel twitch. I put all things in there place, but still show im not verificate. What need to do to fix this and get the verificacion to start to get my contributions?
Thank you for help.

Just wanted to make sure:

  • You’ve account
  • You’ve verify the channel
  • You’ve Uphold account connected to Creators account

Am I correct?

If you see your channel listed here that mean your channel is verified. Just your browser have no the latest list yet.

Hello, yes i do all that and i put all info on it.
If you check my channel in the BAT logo in address cel you click there and you read
Este Editor verificado por Brave aún no ha configurado su cuenta para recibir contribuciones de los usuarios de Brave. Cualquier propina que envíes permanecerá en tu monedero hasta que complete este proceso. Más información.
in english
This Brave verified Editor has not yet set up his account to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until you complete this process. More information.

That is what im telling you. Why if i do all steps, still say that msg? how i fix it, because ppl cant make contributions because that.

I’m not see your channel listed here @floriselda :point_up:

Can you try to reverify?

its no listed on, looking as samuelpoorboy and dont find it there.
Helpme to reverify please

i activate the 2FA, now the msg is gone, im verificate
Advice, put in the tutorial ppl need configurate the 2FA to get verificate and start get contributions

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