Help with blocking my account

Hello friend Asad, a thousand apologies for communicating with you in this way, but it is that a few days ago I communicated with you but I still have not received an answer about my case blocking my account, I think I have a spam problem in my email and I have not received the answers. Friend Asad do you have any status about my case? Very grateful for your immense collaboration. God bless you Happy day. @eljuno @Asad


Hi Emmanuel,

I definitely have been sending you emails! Take a look at your spam folder :slight_smile:

Either way, we are still looking into your case. For your own privacy, though, if you could send me a PM here on Community that would be better :slight_smile:

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Perfect Asad a thousand thanks, my friend.

Hello Friend Asad, how are you? Again I contact you here because I have not received an answer about my blockade case, I would like it if you could help me. I am somewhat worried because I do not understand the situation. Thank you very much, my friend, always for everything. God bless you !!! Thousands of blessings. @Asad @eljuno

Just wrote you back via email :slight_smile:

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