Help with a tricky block

I use Firefox Portable to browse on a filtered web network, through an SSH tunnel.

I have setup FF Portable to block some on_click and other popup events for websites that do not adhere to the blocking standards, etc. For the most part I dont have any issues and most really AD heavy sites, read watching tv series online etc, have zero popups.

I use a combination of AdBlock, Ublock origins, Block Site, and the aforementioned FF about:config settings.

I have one website that when I click play, opens a target _blank to the same domain, but its always with the same domain/page_name and a random number. I need a way to block anything that matches /page_name/xxxxx but doesnt block domain as I want to continue browsing the domain.

How can I achieve this?

Any help is appreciated, many thanks in advance!

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