Help where did my crypto go?

Hello, I just purchased some USDC (Polygon) through brave wallet, and it’s not showing in my wallet, but I see that the transaction was completed through Transak, as-well as I can see that it was purchased and sent to my wallet that is the one with Brave. Did it just go to the void? I never have had this issue with Ethereum or any other currency. Does Brave wallet not support USDC? and does that mean I just scammed myself?

As I see now I think my wallet address is for ETH networks only? So what I am guessing is I am f**ked, and there’s no way to recover this money from the block chain, it’s just gone forever?

Hello! If you don’t see your USDC on Polygon, you may need to add the designated token from your available list of tokens.

Additionally, you can check for certain that your USDC is available by pasting your address into Polygonscan. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I believe I added the proper token onto the wallet, after I made the purchase and it still shows nothing, and here is the Matic site where it shows the confirmation and that it was sent to my brave wallet. I think where I screwed up is that on Transak, when I purchased the token the wallet auto-filled with the one from Brave wallet as normal, but I think that address is Eth only? I added screenshots for further help!

Try adding this USDC contract manually, instead of the USD Coin (PoS) option shown in the pic above.

Network: Polygon
Contract: 0x3c499c542cEF5E3811e1192ce70d8cC03d5c3359
Token Name: USDC
Symbol: USDC
Decimals: 6

Let me know if that works instead. Thanks!

OMG! That worked, Evan you’re a goat, thanks for the help brotha!

No problem! Happy to help

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