HELP tutanota email

Brave, cannot access “tutanota email”.

Please provide more info about your issue. Thanks!

Ok, I enter the Url in the address bar and click enter, the next 3 pictures show you the results. It sits on the last pic forever nothing happens, it just spins its wheels.

Thanks for the information, @sam.

Based on your screenshots, it seems that you’re still using Brave (muon) 0.25.x. This version is no longer supported and has been replaced by the new Brave Browser (brave-core) 1.2.x and higher.

You should get the upgrade notification. If you not see it, can you try download the new version from ?

No need to uninstall the current Brave . You can run it in parallel. After you installed the new version, you can import your browser data from prev. Brave.

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)


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