Help to update my location! My region is Ukraine not Russia

help to update my location! My region is Ukraine not Russia. why brave rewards disabled for my region?

whats next?

it is does not work

I don’t know your language. Main thing is what’s underneath your red circle? Does it say Russia/Russian?

I believe it says Ukraine. I speak a bit of russian so came in handy lol

It says russian in the language Pack tho…

You can translate images at

changing language of system to english helped me to solve it. close this thread

Hm. I’ll try to change it to Ukrainian, even though we are now part of Russia. And in general, why did they suddenly ban awards for Russia? The meaning of the browser disappears from this.

Topic solved and OP requested to lock topic.

Because of Russia & Ukraine war, plus sanctions from most of the world.

Important: Uphold no longer supporting countries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Balkans region

Been many discussions of various types. But for most of the world, Russia is the “bad guy” and is cut off from many things.

You must be Russian? Ukraine has long been considered a sovereign country, gaining independence in 1991. This is part of why the war is going on, where Russia wants to consume Ukraine.