HELP! ... Tip not received

How long ago did you make your Creators account?

Two months ago. But I didn’t connect uphold until last month.

That could be the reason. If you attached your uphold account on of after the 1st you will have to wait till next month.

No, I hooked uphold until the 1st.

If you connected uphold before April 1st you may just have to wait a few more days.

It says that the payments have already been completed.

The only thing that worked for me when I had a similar issue was to create a new Creators account using a different email address and adding the channel to the new account. Just remember to delete the channel from the old account and the BAT should migrate to the new account and then wait till the next payout next month. Don’t forget to add your Uphold to the new account.

Thank you. I will try, of course. Maybe the payments will still come and they have some problems with the publishers as well.

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I hope it works out for you! … If I can help let me know. 281 BAT is a lot.


@hasher411 Can you ask your friend to go into brave://rewards-internals > contributions, and look for the 20 BAT contribution he sent you? That might give more detail.

Also, may I ask if you’ve checked again in the past couple hours or so to see if it arrived? We rolled some fixes last night, so perhaps things have updated for you?


@chriscat I have checked again and it still has not all showed up.


@chriscat Is there a way to see a break down of tips received into channels?

BAT Tips

4/14/2022 Chris Cell 3 BAT to GitHub .95 x 3 = 2.85 BAT
4/14/2022 Cheri Cell 2 BAT to GitHub .95 x 2 = 1.90 BAT
4/14/2022 Jacob Desktop 20 BAT GitHub .95 x 20 = 19 BAT
Total 23.75 BAT for Creators GitHub channel missing 10.69 BAT

Same thing happene with me
I received only 50% of bat
Please check this matter

no bro :sob::sob: did you got it?

Not as of yet, I’m still waiting. I don’t think it will until there is some kind of intervention from the Brave creators.

Thanks for this. I showed a new user how to tip 1 BAT the other day using our YT account but it didn’t show up in our creator account. Just checked back and there it is now, thank you Brave!

Bro it’s take 50% charge …please read all of the messages

That would be nice to know. The same happened to me as well. A friend of mine tipped 20 BAT because I told him I integrated Brave to my website, and only received 10 BAT. I assume you are prevented from tipping the same website twice? Dunno

I don’t understand what you say

ya same happened with me too