Help pls? Tab view

Hi , i have a huge problem, since cascade tab view have dissolved into mist(no problem…i miss it) i have forced down my throat the tab groups kind of (first screen shot)

Now i got use to it (kind of) but recently brave tab view changed again(i didn’t do nothing except enabled dark mode, but now it show link views (or whatever it is named) …i hate it, i Totally hate ,

Help pls, I don’t know how i can go back to grind tab views (i prefer that rather than those link tab whatever are they called)
I tried multiple method but it’s been useless, //flags doesn’t work just crashed when i try to enable or disable something, i tried simpled views in accessibility option (doesn’t work ) help me pls give me some solution, i searched for solution on community but I don’t want to download and go back to an older version, pls help me go back to grind tabs at least.

The answer was posted on this forum a couple of days back. Find it and go through it, find it via search function.

As i remeber it, it had to do with some accesissibily settings.

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