Help please with Bookmarks/passwords

Can someone help me a bit? My PC broke up, so needed to change HDD… now downloaded again Brave, but cant find option to log in or do something to get back all my bookmarks/passwords and else… is there somehow posible to get them back? If no its seems i will better stick up with chrome, cuz now i need to do a lot of job to get eaven all my bookmarks back, not talking eaven an passwords ;/
someone has some tip about it? keep sticking with brawe or put it on garbage?

Brave doesn’t currently store any of your personal data of that sort in the cloud, which is great for privacy! But it also means that, if you don’t make your own backups, it will be gone if something happens to your local machine.

That’s one of the unfortunate trade-offs of the current version of the browser.

Thanks a lot for info. So now will start again from nothing there :confused: