Help please: Wallet keeps disconnecting, ads not being counted, months now

Hoping someone can help; I’ve been using Brave daily, 6-8+ hours a day for months, maximum allowed number of ads per hour. Last month and the month before, the rewards-total started going down instead of up; lost quite a bit of credit. Plus, my Wallet keeps disconnecting. I’m guessing there’s no way to get credit for all the lost ad-views and rewards. But I would like to have it work in future.

I have tried restoring the Wallet multiple times; it always re-disconnects. Two other family members using Brave and Rewards also, their Wallets stay connected.

Ideas/suggestions/help welcome – thanks so much!!!

Using Brave 1.7.73 on a self-built mostly Corsair PC (64-bit OS, Intel i5x7600, 3.50GHz, 16GB RAM); using Win10Homex64, Malwarebytes and WinDefender.)

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