Help please I can't link with Uphold

I need some help, I have been using Brave from two years ago on 3 different devices, 2 PC’s and 1 smartphone but I changed the 2 PC’s to new ones, so I had to reinstall Brave on the 2 new PC’s, however now I can’t link the wallets with Uphold anymore because It says that I have reached the limit of paired devices, but I do not have paired devices anymore because I have changed them. Please help me link my 2 PCs again… By the way, the smartphone could not be linked either, the session was closed and when I try to link it says “something went wrong”.
Please help


Thanks for your response, but i do not found the both, custodian member ID and Uphold member ID. I do not have those informations on mi account. How can i do?
Attached screen shot…

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