Help! not all my bat showing on uphold!

Hey everybody - I’m having an issue that’s leaving me extremely “unsettled”. I verified my UPHOLD account and wallet, ETC…

BRAVE says that I currently have 294.1 BAT … but UPHOLD says I only have 129.75. I spoke with a UPHOLD tech support person VIA live chat, and they said to contact BRAVE, which i have no idea how to do.
What’s going on here?

WTF now brave says i only have 129.75 again even though i have a screenshot saying i had double

See Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Check out this screnshot:
It clearly saysi have over 294 BAT but now it says i only have 164 BAT.

Ah, so you talked about user wallet. I thought you asked as publisher.

Did you earn it from Brave Ads? Only BAT from Brave Ads that will be deposited to your Uphold account. BAT from free grants will stay in your brave://rewards wallet. And if not used within 90 days, it’ll be sent back to User Growth Pool.

yeah, it was all ad rewards

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