Help, no referral link even after Verification of uphold account for 3 weeks now

I managed to verify my uphold account but still no referral link has been generated up to now…it says I should verify uphold …please help

Hi @King19, what’s the email linked to your account? , will be waiting for your quick response, thank you

Hi @King19, did you begin the process of creating a Gemini account?

Yes, but it isn’t available in my region so I opened an uphold account instead.

From this it shows I verified my uphold account

I @King19, I think that’s the issue. There was a bug for accounts that initiated creating a Gemini account but weren’t completed, and payments weren’t made to the Uphold account because of this. Your payment will process as expected on October 8th.

Okay, so i should expect my referral link on the 8th of October?

HI @King19, that’s right. Your payment should process on the 8th.

Thank you for the assistance, will wait for the 8th.

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