Help . No BAT rewards received this month

Hello Brave Team! Why haven’t I received the BAT bonus this month ??

Please soon Brave team solve this problem for me. thanks Brave team

Hello @Ngoctai93,
First, please do not share your email here. It’s a public forum. Thanks!

What BAT bonus? Based on your screenshot, you have 0 BAT on your creator account.

yes. I recommend that I give my email address so the team can check it out. Please read the title carefully. This month I did not receive 1 BAT? The reason why? That is my question !

What BAT? By becoming Brave Verified Publisher doesn’t mean you’ll receive BAT every month.

By becoming BVP, you allow your fans/viewers/visitors to tip you BAT. If they don’t include your channel/site on their A-C or tip, then you’ll not receive BAT.

That’s why it’s show 0 BAT on your creator dashboard.

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