Help me with upholddd

Hello, why are you telling me that? I want to add funds but I can’t … If I have a verified uphold account … And when I login, nothing happens … It stays the same. Help mex

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this seems like brave rewards wallet…not upholds…to verify brave wallet…one needs to have 25 bat balance…but verifying brave wallet is not mandatory…go to uphold and verify uphold wallet and connect that to brave.
.Any admin…correct me if am wrong…


I’m having the same problem at the moment on my laptop & desktop.
It just started doing this within the last 24 hours.

@BessoneB @5150sick if you already have an Uphold account connected to your Rewards wallet previously, you just need to click that Login button.

When I do that it takes me through the uphold login and then loops right back to where it is now.

I already have an uphold account activated, but I press LOGIN and nothing appears

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