Help me with brave rewards creators. ayudenme

Help me guys, it has been like this for 1 day and it has not finished processing anymore … Please help me, (BRAVE CREATORS)

Ayudenme, hace 1 día que está así y no se termina de procesar más… Por favor ayudenme. (BRAVE CREATORS)

Hi @BessoneB - there is a 5 BAT minimum for Creator payouts.

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message has been sent, ser please

oh okay, but how do i get those 5 bat? Many people already downloaded the application with my link

Downloaded brave from your link have to be used for 30 day and become confirmed download, and you earn from confirmed download

Porque estan confirmando referidos, pero no estan acreditando los bat en Agosto? @steeven

One last thing … August 15 is 1 month old. There I claim or do you know how to delay a bit?

30 days of using make your download confirmed, and it add to your balance that will be paid next month

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