Help me I made a mistake

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You are acting like you lost your child.

Are u don’t know how much it takes time to get this much of bat I thought to withdraw it later and now this happened
In India this much of bat is very important
That why I talk in the community so that any one of u can help…
I know this is cringe or say whatever
But I really need the 68 bat now…it takes so much of time to get there​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

If u can help me plz help bro

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As per your post, you have Uphold ID. So were this BAT on your android connected to Uphold. If so, they are safely stored on Uphold.

If they were not, then they are likely lost forever.

I was going to ask you to delete your email ID which you posted, but it seems you already did it.

Yeah bro i have not linked the uphold account that’s the main problem and that’s why I lost it permanently :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Yeah I agree with you all but
Think of me also…na
I know that it’s my mistake… But just a small help from u can help me alot…
I don’t know what to say how to ask for the help
But I really need that 68 bat…:pensive::pensive::pensive:
I can’t explain how it will help me
Plzz any one plz…

Are you a troll/drunk or simply a “loser”

What type of weird messages are you typing without any thought.

You lost around 6000 INR as per my calculations. Rather than wasting your time trying to farm BAT, get another part-time job and not only get those 6000 back but make more money.

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I’ll do that but this also imp

NICE SCAM BUDDY! u got uphold id and wallet id then why the heck u didn’t connect it to ur brave? HUH lol SCAMMER!

I am a student bro how can I start a part time now
If possible to anyone they can help me with this only 68 bat
It’s not a big amount for anyone…
But it’s a big amount for me as a student.i am telling this much of things Means u should understand how low I am now… But still no one is helping with this thing…
Only giving advises😔
Plzz help anyone with the 68 bat
@steeven plz

I have a broken screen phone so i thought once I’ll connect uphold if i need to change phone that one slot of uphold will be wasted
That’s why I was waiting for the atleast 100 bat accumulation then i thought I will redeem it and sell the bat to repair the phone because at that time I sold a 223 bat something at the price of 22rs that’s why I thought to hold in brave browser only and then if the price is high,i will connect uphold and sell the bat
That’s why I hold it for so long and this happens to me

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Not quite how life works mate

Just a help bro😔 nothing else

I lost 65 BATs. Will you give? It’s not a huge amount.

It’s all your fault. You should have linked your Uphold or Gemini account for safe earnings. Don’t beg money on forum.


I donated all my BAT already, helping a son getting his Dad back to earth from a secret spacestaion. :rocket:

So only suggestions are coming
No one is that good to just help someone who has an issue
I know I m begger loser call me any thing
But the thing is i need that 68 bat
It’s not getting over in my mind
Plzz na guys pls
A small help can really make me happy and solve my problem